On the Big Screen

48HOURS PIC 1048HR 48HR2

This summer (two weeks ago to be exact) I participated in the 48 Hour Film Project for the 4th time. For those who don’t know about the project, it’s a competition where teams of filmmakers compete to write, shoot and edit a short film (4-7 minutes in length) within a 48 hour time frame. To make sure that all work on the film is done in those 48 hours, the competition’s organizers give each team a specific genre, character, prop and line of dialogue they must use in their film.

I said all that to say that tonight my team’s film will play on the “big screen” alongside other competitors’ films at Nashville’s historic Belcourt Theater. This will be the third time that I’ve seen a film that I’ve written on the “big screen”. It’s such an exciting experience to see the result of an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend.

Our assignments from the competition:

Assigned Genre: Buddy Film

Prop: Watermelon

Character: Senator Tom or Tina Tuckerbee

Line of Dialogue: Thank you, I’m so happy.

Our film:

Title: Presumptions

Logline: Following the death of a mutual loved one, an unlikely pair embark on a journey to impede a piece of legislation that they believe will negatively affect their community.

Tagline: It’s never what you think!



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