Daily Object Writing

So, I’m trying to improve my writing skills (random: why do I always start an idea or sentence–whether verbally or written–with “So…”? LOL).

Let’s start over….

I’m trying to improve my writing skills, so I joined a meetup group called Daily Object Writing. To be a member of the group you have to write EVERYDAY!!! If you don’t, you get removed from the group. As I’ve been reading/listening to tips from other established writers, one tip is consistent: Write Everyday!  I just can’t seem to follow through. I always give (myself) an excuse like “I don’t have time.” or “I don’t have anything to write about.” Blah blah blah.

So (there it is again) I’m taking this challenge. Everyday, the group organizer posts a writing prompt (usually a word) and the members of the group are to write for ten minutes. You have to stop when your ten minutes is up–regardless if you’re mid-word or mid-sentence. Object writing is a little different from what I’m used to. I have more experience writing formal/business professional type documents and object writing requires you to focus on the senses–taste, touch, sight, sound, smell.  I think this will challenge my creative side and I’m looking forward to taking on this daily task. So (and again) here’s my first entry:

Sunday, Aug. 4: After the movie (at a theater)
I sit, still glued to the plush chair, as everyone else gradually exits, watching the credits roll. We always do this. We always stay until the very end. Sometimes we’re not the only ones. The room smells of stale buttered popcorn, fruit snacks and body odor. My palms are sweaty from holding his hand so long. I sneak a glance at him every now and then. His eyes don’t move from the screen. He wants to know the names of everyone involved with making the movie. His eyes dart across the screen, trying to keep up as the credits continue to roll. He sees familiar names and a slight smile crosses his lips in acknowledgement. “They’ve done it again,” he announces, partially to me, partially to himself. I watch particularly for the cast members and the writers, after which, I sit and watch him, waiting for the cue that he is ready to leave. It’s always cold in the theater. I pull my cardigan tighter, covering my exposed chest. I lean over and take a sip from the cup, which was once filled with all three flavors available from the Icee machine–coke, cherry, blue raspberry. Not surprisingly, he has finished the last of it, as evidenced by the slurp slurp noises I make trying to capture the miniscule contents at the bottom of the cup. He usually leaves his trash behind. He begins to rise. I grab the leftover napkins, soiled with pizza grease and

That’s it for today! Check the “Daily Object Writing” Tab for following posts in this challenge.


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