Today’s Grammar Lesson: Double Negatives

I saw another interesting sign today:



See anything wrong with the wording on the sign? If not, I’ll tell you.

The sign contains a double negative. There’s nothing wrong with using a double negative but double negatives can be tricky because if used incorrectly, they don’t convey the intended meaning.

Alternatives to correct the issue of the  sign’s wording:

1. No children under 18 will be permitted without an adult.




2. Children under 18 will not be permitted without an adult.


See how the way it’s worded affects the message that’s being conveyed?


One thought on “Today’s Grammar Lesson: Double Negatives

  1. Hi Latrisha: I’m a fellow member of the WWC. Yes, I find that writing from personal experience always produces better prose than if I’m writing strictly from book or online research.

    I wish you well in working forward with your writing goals, and hope that you’ll have the opportunity to experience some amazing things you can write about. Cheers!

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