November 2013 Movie Releases

What’s showing in movie theaters this month? Which of this month’s movies have you already seen and which are you looking forward to seeing?


My personal top 3 this month (that I want to see) are:

1. Free Birds- I love Thanksgiving, but sometimes it doesn’t get the respect and love it needs, what with being the middle child and all (between Halloween and Christmas). I get excited about (the far and few between) Thanksgiving movies.


2. Best Man Holiday- Did you see the first one? Enough said. This one is a must see for me. Lots of eye candy too. 😉


3. Delivery Man- This looks like it will be a pretty funny film. I love to laugh.


Check out the full list of this month’s nationwide movie releases:

Nov2013 movies


One thought on “November 2013 Movie Releases

  1. Hi Latrisha. Thanks for this interview with Melissa. She and I share the same philosophy. Writing is a business to me, and I, too, feel it is important for us as writers to act and dress professionally. Writing has never been a hobby for me. It has been my profession for the past 20+ years, and like Melissa, I can’t think of a better ‘job’ to have.

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