Book Release Party

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This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a book release party for a book I edited, hosted by author D. Anne Townsend. Her book, “Sweetheart! After you have your meltdown, can you make dinner?” is an encouraging and witty quick read that highlights the experience of being a mother and wife. D. Anne put me on the spot when I arrived at the event by having me share a few words about the book. As I recounted to those in attendance, the book is very relatable; it is not only about the experience of being a mother, it is about the experience of being a woman. As a woman who has no children, I still felt that I could relate to the book.  D.Anne offers encouraging advice and helpful tips, while sharing her personal experiences.


Learn more about D. Anne Townsend, her book, and her Meltdown Momma movement at:


2 thoughts on “Book Release Party

  1. Sounds like it was a fabulous event and is a worthwhile book. It’s so exciting for the author when friends and family gather to salute their efforts. We all need the reassurance that we have produced something that was worth waiting for!

    1. It was a fabulous event indeed, Doreen! You are so right about that support and reassurance. D. Anne was absolutely glowing from all of the support. I’m so happy for her & her accomplishments. Thanks for reading!

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