Writing Toolkit

I’m a writer.

Every writer has tools to help them accomplish their task of writing. Here is what I need every time I sit down to write (in no particular order).

Writing Toolkit


1. Pen/pencil and paper: Even in this electronic age, sometimes you can’t replace the feeling of actually putting words onto a physical piece of paper. Brainstorming and jotting down random notes feel better to me this way.


2. Computer/Laptop: I reserve the computer/laptop writing for when I’m ready to do a draft, edit or finalize.


3. Water: Helps keep me hydrated, and it’s more energizing and refreshing to me than a sugary drink.


4. Internet connection: For research,  when necessary. I have to be disciplined and stay off of social media though, if I really want to accomplish some writing.


5. Goal list: I have to have a purpose for this writing session. I need a concrete goal to accomplish in each session or else I’m just aimlessly sitting at my desk doing a lot of “busy work” and not really accomplishing anything. I try to limit this list to three things per session (and sometimes I only accomplish two), but any more than that, and I get a bit overwhelmed, and still end up accomplishing nothing.


6. A cardigan, sweater or hoodie: I’m very cold natured, so I have to have one of these that’s comfy and keeps me warm. Not too warm, as I may get too comfortable and fall asleep. It can’t be too stiff/rigid or itchy. Usually it’s worn-in enough for me, so that I’m not constantly pulling and tugging on it.


7. An environment conducive to writing: For me, this means I need to turn off my phone to prevent distractions. Additionally, I need either complete silence or an instrumental soundtrack (usually my String Ensemble or Ambient channel on Pandora).


If I have all of these things, I’m usually very productive! I’m actually in the process of improving/renovating my current office because sometimes the space itself can be distracting. Sometimes I look around the room, wanting to rearrange the furniture or clear off extra desk space. But that’s a post for another day. 😉


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