Aw Shucks! I’m a Producer, y’all!

I went back to school (sort of, and just very briefly) and became a certified Producer at Nashville’s NECAT studios. NECAT is a public access television station that airs “commercial free programming to residents of Davidson County”.
necat       necat2
So, what this means is that I now have a designated place and platform to shoot and distribute/air my Writer’s Spotlight series on a more regular basis. Being a Producer allows me access to the studio and all of its equipment (cameras, audio, lighting, microphones, etc.). Prior to becoming a Producer at NECAT, a family friend was gracious enough to allow me to shoot WSW at her lovely home (and I hope she knows how extremely absolutely grateful I am to her for allowing me to do so).
Since the station is just local, I’ll still be posting WSW here and on my YouTube channel so that no one misses out on the content. I am very excited about this new development and I can’t wait to see where it leads!
Me with my lovely classmates

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