What’s Your Blog?

I’m always looking for inspiration. Online, sometimes I find it on my Facebook timeline, and other times I find it on YouTube or from a link to an interesting article that was sent to me by a friend or family member. I am subscribed to quite a few email lists and blogs, and here are a few that inspire me often. These are my favorite blogs at the moment (in no particular order).



  1. Positively Present: One thing about following someone’s blog is that you’ll eventually find yourself being led to other blogs that they may recommend, especiallyPositive if they have guest bloggers often. Such is the case with this blog. I was reading another blog (can’t remember which one) and somehow ended up on this page, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Dani (the blogger) is always upbeat, positive and offers great practical advice for everything from dealing with grief to how to break bad habits. Every Friday, she posts a list of her favorite things of the week, including playlists, books, and various websites/blogs.



  1. Sincerely, Jess: This is the blog of one of my very good friends, whom I met when I was in college. I make it a point to read all of my friends’ blogs just to keep up with what’s going on in their lives, which is why I initially started reading hers.  However, I have found that over the years, her blog in particulaJessr has developed into something more to me than just a place where I can check in on my friend. It has become an inspirational outpouring that encourages me to live boldly. I’m not sure if she actively intends it to be that way or not—I think most times she is simply compelled to get her thoughts out—but I admire the way that she unapologetically puts her heart onto the page. She’s a great example of how letting your light shine can unconsciously give others permission to do the same.



  1. All the Many Layers: I came across this blog through Blog #2. One aspect that I enjoy about this blog is her “Soulful Beauty of the Week” series. As a part of this series, the individuals that she highlights share whATMLat they believe it means to be a Soulful Beauty and what it took for them to fully embrace themselves, as well as what inspires them. The Soulful Beauties always have great advice and insight on being true to yourself, and it’s very encouraging and inspiring to read their stories. She recently just started a new series called “Inspired By”—enough said.



  1. Brene Brown: Another person I was led to through Blog#2. She also has a series (The Daring InterBreneview Series) where she interviews individuals who, as she states, inspire her to “show up, be seen, and live brave.” They share fun facts about themselves, as well as their vulnerabilities and how they’ve used those vulnerabilities to succeed in their work.



It seems that the thing that all of these blogs have in common is the encouragement to live boldly and fully embrace and love who you are, which is an important aspect that I’m discovering in my life right now.

What are some of your favorite blogs and why? Please share!


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