I typed the email and added the proper attachments. I moved my cursor to the “To” box and typed three names, then I paused. I typed two more. Pause.


My mind began to flood with “what ifs”:

“What if they look at me crazy for sending this email?”


“What if they look at their name in relation to the others, and wonder why their name didn’t come higher up?”


“What if someone forwards this email to someone I didn’t send it to, and then that person gets upset because I didn’t include them?”


“What if someone sends an ugly reply?”






Then came the rationalizations and maybes:

“Maybe I should just BCC everyone?”


“I have a closer relationship with these people, so if someone who wasn’t included hears about the email, I can just say, ‘Oh, well, you know, you and I never talk, so I wasn’t sure you’d be interested in that sort of thing.’”


After some time rearranging the name order and sending the email prematurely, I just reluctantly sent the email to EVERYone on purpose. Problem solved?


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