Social Media Scramble

social media
Social media overwhelms me. For me to be so young, sometimes I feel old, constantly asking, “What’s [insert social media here]?” I feel like a new one surfaces every week. I feel so behind.
Currently I have a Facebook account, a Youtube account, and this blog. Apparently I also have Google+ and I have no idea how that works. LOL I tried Twitter back in 2008, but then stopped shortly thereafter.
So now I’m wondering, what are the key social media sites that are essential to have? Does it depend on what industry you’re in? Does it depend on who your target audience is? Does it depend on your purpose for use?
I have a hard enough time keeping up on the few accounts I already have (my 75-year-old dad is on FB more than I am!), so the thought of establishing yet another one starts to give me a bit of anxiety. But I guess if I can find a way for it to somehow be beneficial, then that would be cool.
What’s a girl to do? *sigh*

2 thoughts on “Social Media Scramble

  1. cegosasiapacific

    Latrisha, social media has taken the world by storm and everybody who is somebody or nobody wants to be seen on social media.

    Social media can be very useful for self promotion, advertising and sales. But you should know the correct social media for your purpose. Are you writer? Then blog is good for you. If you are witty and have way with words, Twitter is the thing. If you are a photographer/creative person, Pinterest should work for you. If you are a trainer/coach, Youtube is a good idea. Facebook is for everybody.

    Hope this one helps. Let us know if you still have doubts.

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