Checking for Monsters


The monsters that once lived under children’s beds or in their closets have found a new residence. They can now be found creeping and poking their disgusting green heads from within our own bodies. Yep, that’s right. That green-eyed monster called jealousy has settled into the luxurious five-star penthouse suite of our minds, and has no plans of checking out.


So how do you kick that unwelcome visitor/resident to the curb? Here are a few steps to begin with:


1. Practice Gratitude. Instead of focusing on what someone else has, focus on what YOU have. What are you grateful/thankful for? Start a gratitude journal. Every time those thoughts of jealousy start to arise, write in your journal, making an ongoing list of all the things you are grateful for in that moment. Also, in addition to making new entries in the journal, revisit some of your old entries to remind yourself of all of the things that are a part of your life that make you feel happy, secure and appreciative.


2. Sow into/Invest in Yourself. Have you ever heard the phrase, “The grass is greener where you water it.”? Instead of looking at how green your neighbor’s grass is, take care of your own grass. Do the things necessary to propel yourself forward. Focus on your personal goals and take the steps/actions to get there. Do you need to take workshops/classes in order to accomplish your goals? Do you need to identify and shadow a mentor? Whatever it is, DO IT! When you’re working so hard to achieve your personal goals, what everyone else has going on will fade into the background. You won’t have the time to focus on the things you were jealous about.


3. Commit to Loving Yourself.  Sometimes I find myself combating a compliment. Someone will say, “Oh, your skin is beautiful,” and instead of me saying, “Thank you” and simply appreciating the comment, I would respond, “Ugh, I have all these breakouts…it’s so oily…it’s so dry…” blah blah blah. It’s like we try to beat someone to the punch and defend our insecurities, when they probably don’t even notice (or care about) the things that we’re obsessing over. Stop being your own worst critic/enemy. Embrace all those things you may be insecure about, and instead of being defensive, acknowledge that those imperfections are what make you unique, and yes, that’s beautiful.


What are some ways that YOU deal with jealousy? How do you combat those thoughts/feelings? Please share in the comments!


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