Dealing with Rejection



Rejection is a part of life. No matter what trade you work in or where you are in your walk of life, you are bound to face rejection eventually.  As an actress and writer, I know rejection. As a matter of fact, I recently (keep in mind this is a late post, so when I say “recently”, I really mean “a while ago” LOL)  auditioned for a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Company and I got rejected.





So what is one to do when faced with this not-so-nice part of life? Run for the hills, hide under a cozy blanket and vow to never leave the comfort of your worn-in couch and Netflix, or face it head-on with a positive attitude? Uh, duh! The latter of course. And here’s how:


1. Get over yourself.

When you have been rejected, it’s easy to begin the pity-party that leads you spiraling into a seemingly endless hole of self-doubt, asking questions like, “What did I do wrong?” “Am I too [this]?” “Am I not enough [that]?” Just stop it. Those types of questions will drive you crazy. Instead, try to be objective. Encourage yourself. What are you proud of yourself for?


2. Ask for constructive criticism, if available.

Sometimes this opportunity won’t be available to you, but if it is, definitely take advantage of it. Ask what you can do to improve in the future. Ask what you did “right”.


3. Practice gratitude.

Pat yourself on the back for even taking the risk of putting yourself out there in the first place. You are that much closer to a “yes”. Be grateful for the opportunity to interact with new people and to try something new, even if the outcome wasn’t what you expected or hoped. Everything happens for a reason.


4. Keep trying.

Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. Even if you have to apply for the same job or audition for the same role multiple times, keep at it.



How do YOU deal with rejection? What has been your experience with rejection? Share in the comments!


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