I Give Up

“Chucking up the deuces” Peace out!

I’m not gonna lie. When things get rough, my first instinct is to run. Fight or flight? I’m most definitely always leaning toward “flight”. I would much rather walk (or run) away than face (or fight) the aggressor/threat. I don’t care to argue; especially if I’ve already spoken my part (which is admirable for me) and I feel like we’re getting no where. I refuse to argue for the sake of arguing. Eff that.



Can’t we all just get along? Don’t rock the boat. Passive-aggressive. That’s me. But as my friend once told me, “Running won’t make it go away.” I know running away doesn’t resolve the problem, but I can’t seem to shake the anxiety I feel when conflict arises. My body will literally not be still. It’s like my mind has conditioned my body to be physically uncomfortable in the face of conflict. I know conflict is a part of life; you can’t escape it.

So I sat down and asked myself why I was so hell-bent on running, and what exactly was I running from. I then asked myself why I was giving up, and if it was okay to give up, or was I just taking the easy way out?


All of those thoughts led me to this:


Tips on Knowing when to give up…


  1. Think about why you started. What were your reasons for initially embarking on this endeavor? Are those reasons still valid now?


  1. Evaluate your growth. What are you gaining or what do you realistically stand to gain by toughing it out?


  1. Pray. Meditate. Do whatever you have to do to be at peace with your final decision.


  1. Don’t act hastily. Don’t burn bridges just because a situation is bad. Always leave on a good note. Be mature enough to admit the truth of the situation (in a classy way) and seek an amicable end.


Remember, don’t give up on something just for the sake of giving up, just because things get hard. When things get hard, it’s to grow you. But also, don’t stay for the sake of staying either. Don’t stick around if things are detrimental to your overall well-being and if you aren’t growing. If you do decide to stay, actively seek improvement.



What do you think? When is it okay to give up on something? Is it ever okay? Share in the comments!


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