How to make a film in 2 days

2014 48hr2014 48hr 3
This past Sunday, I submitted a film into the 48 Hour Film Project. The competition is exactly what it sounds like: you have just 48 hours to make a film, from start to finish.
2014 48hr 4 2014 48hr 5
As a part of the competition, you are assigned a genre, character, prop and line of dialogue that must appear in your film (which is how they ensure that your submitted film was in fact completed in the allotted time period).
This was my third year participating in the competition (and the fifth film submission–we participated twice on our first year), so I’ve experienced all of the ups and downs that are associated with this type of competition. When you only have two days to make a film, there’s a lot to get done. You’re crunched for time and all you want is for everything to go as planned. But we all know that that never happens.
2014 48hr 6
In participating in this competition over the years, our team has had all sorts of things happen: the bank mis-allocating funds, forgetting to film scenes and having to go back and re-shoot the next day, having to film in the rain, a team member’s car got stolen…and the list goes on.
In addition to unexpected occurrences, there are a few phrases that you DO NOT want to hear during this weekend:
1. “Oops”
2. “Uh-oh”
3. “Oh crap/Oh sh*t”
4. “I can’t find __________”
5. “We need to talk” or “Can I talk to you (in private)?”
6. “Gasp!”
7. Any sort of crash or clanging (unless it’s a part of the script)
So, how do you make a film in two days? With Patience, Teamwork and Positivity! Things can go from bad to worse in a situation like this, but if you are patient (take a deep breath–think before acting impulsively–but don’t think too hard/long–remember, you are pressed for time), and if everyone pulls their weight on the team, and if you approach the process with a positive attitude no matter what happens, you are bound to be successful.
(Sidebar: yes, I know that was an extremely long run-on sentence. LOL)
What types of competitions have you participated in? What were some challenges you faced during the competition and how did you overcome them? Please share in the comments below.

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