Let’s Go to the Movies (Part 1)

I’ve spent three days this week in a movie theater, and in those three days I’ve watched a total of 36 films. No joke.

Days 1 and 2 were screenings of short films from the 2014 Nashville 48 Hour Film Project, that ran the gamut of genres (romance, horror, film noir, inspirational, comedy, sci-fi, etc.).

Source: 48hourfilm.com

Perhaps some of the most notable entries were (in no particular order):


  1. Because I Could Not Stop for Death, Three Twenty Pictures: Funny story with a gutsy experiment with 3D! That has to be a first for the 48 Hour Film Project (at least in Nashville). Correct me if I’m wrong.


  1. Contrary to Likeness, Paper Ghost Pictures: great cinematography, great acting, great graphics. When talking to a fellow movie-goer I asked them which films they enjoyed, and of course they mentioned this one. I responded with, “Oh, they don’t count…their films always (strangely enough) look great.”


  1. Your Move, Troop 615: a silent film that was witty and nostalgic, as the two main characters challenged each other in a series of board games to determine who would put the twist-tie back on a package of bread. I loved the opening sequence w/ Pornstache….uh I mean “Detective Andrew Loper”.


  1. Delivered, JBrant Films: a chilling story depicting child abduction/sex trafficking with solid acting and amazing visuals.


  1. The Extraction, FCM: I loved the narrator’s voice! A beautiful yet deceitful leading lady, two bumbling siblings, great writing and a cute dog, all made for a thoroughly enjoyable film.


6. And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge our team’s horror film (Not an Exit, Team Perfection) as one of the notables. True, I may be biased, because it’s our film, but I think we did an awesome job at conveying our story. While it was screening, I observed others in the audience gasp and jump at one of our film’s startling moments. I also heard people whisper-yelling at the screen, “Run! Oh, no! She fell!” They seemed to be really caught up in the film. My heart was beating so fast the entire time, but I was very pleased with the outcome.


The parody, #Brain Ded from Walltie Films tickled my funny bone, along with others such as Epic Media’s Autoshop Mysteries, The Undead Noire’s The Player, Popeye Productions’ Free Range, and Flatrock Films’ E Flat Harmony.  The romance conText (Pirate Unicorn Productions) and the inspirational film, The Day Death Died (Collision Pictures) tugged at my heartstrings. Moonshine (Bar Sinister Films) nailed the dark comedy genre right off the bat. Seven Strangers Productions’ time travel film, The Sparklers was endearing, comical and had some beautiful ending shots. There seemed to be a lot of bloodshed this year, even in films where horror or thriller/suspense weren’t the genres. There were also a lot of child actors used this year.


There’s no way I could discuss every film I saw (There were 35 films for goodness sake, and my mind started to become a blur—it’s a blessing I’ve even remembered this much), but congrats to all the sleep-deprived, film-making maniacs who submitted their films this year (and who are probably adamant that this was their last time in the competition…until next year rolls around, and they change their minds 🙂  ).


CLICK HERE to read Part Two.


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