Let’s Go to the Movies (Part 2)

So my third day at the movies wasn’t as long as the previous two, and I only watched one movie this time. I attended a preview screening of the film, Let’s Be Cops starring Damon Wayans, Jr. and Jake Johnson. This movie was the icing on the cake of a three day film binge.

lets be cops
Source: imdb.com

From the trailer, I figured the movie would be funny, but boy, did this movie exceed my expectations. It was hilarious! Of course, it had its predictable moments (but what movie following the age-old formula doesn’t?), but they were tolerable.


Jake Johnson attacked his character with such commitment, I would have a hard time believing that he wasn’t like that in real life. Damon Wayans, Jr. is definitely his father’s son. If you close your eyes and just listen, you would think it was Damon, Sr. And then when you open your eyes again, you would still think it was Damon, Sr.—about 20 years younger (and more handsome).


I was pleasantly surprised to see Keegan-Michael Key of the comedic Key & Peele duo in the film. He was up to his usual antics, which further contributed to the hilarity of the film.


The movie was sprinkled with a few racial stereotypes masquerading as jokes—who am I kidding? There was no masquerade—they were blatant. But that didn’t make them any less funny.


Let’s Be Cops is an amusing film of courage and friendship with memorable characters, and I definitely recommend you go see it (leave the kids at home, though).




Spoiler Alert!!!


Raise your hand if you think that Damon Wayans, Jr. and Keegan-Michael Key look alike. Now, if your hand is raised, slap yourself with it. Come on people! Really? In one scene, these two switch places to allow Wayans’ character to infiltrate the villain’s hangout spot. Wayans enlists the help of his makeup artist girlfriend to transform the clean cut Wayans into Key’s heavily tattooed, dreadlock-wearing “gangsta” character. The villain got almost nose to nose w/ Wayans, even hugging him, and still didn’t notice that he wasn’t Key. Man, those must be some potent drugs the villain was on! Or maybe it was just that dark inside. Oh, no wait…this is a movie—now it all makes sense.

Source: imdb.com
Source: imdb.com


Spoiler Alert #2: Beware of the scene involving a sumo wrestler’s ball sac and one of the character’s faces. I had to stop in the midst of eating my popcorn during this scene, for fear that I might vomit.


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