Adventures in Money Saving Pt. 2

worth it


I had a bad couple of weeks. I was doing sooo good; I was taking my lunch, sacrificing some things and then… I had some extra income and BAM…I was right back into my old ways.  I was swiping away, spending money on parking (b/c I was running late to work and had to park in the expensive garage to make up for lost time), dining out (b/c I was too lazy to go grocery shopping or cook what was already in my fridge) and entertainment (b/c I got bored with my self-imposed “No TV” rule).


*sigh* Is this what addiction is like? Man, it’s so true that old habits die hard.


Payday is today, so I’m picking myself up and trying to get back on track. I know I can do this. I know it’s difficult–it’s supposed to be. But it’s worth it. I CAN DO THIS!! I’ve got to put my blinders back on and focus on the end goal. Geez, it’s hard being disciplined…


OH, but the good part is, I haven’t touched my savings!!! So that’s continuing to grow at least.


What are your struggles with being disciplined about your finances? How have you overcome past struggles or what are you currently doing to overcome the struggle? Please share in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Money Saving Pt. 2

  1. My past struggle with finances is saving for things I want. There are things I need and I tend to save properly for them but when it concerns a want I sometimes get unfocused. Maybe this one is in my face or I can afford it first over the one I was supposed to get next. Discipline is a hard thing in this right but what I do currently is put money in a bank account that I cant get to easily. It helps me when there is that urge to buy now. I also constantly look at my finances and see where I may be slipping and remind myself why I am doing what I am doing. Its hard but discipline is apart of obtaining goals. If that is something you lack then it you will be defeated. I find sometimes when you work hard you have to have sometime to rest and enjoy yourself. If taking yourself off of TV resulted in boredom then you need to explore more forms of entertainment that don’t cost a great deal of money. Maybe try board games with a friend or significant other, Reading something that excites you the same way the television does, arts and crafts or even since you like blogging try writing about something that interest you at the time not just something you have to write but something you really want to right. You know with blinders the view is limited to what’s in front of you and if you turn your head because you here about something exiting you no longer can see your goal ahead.What is to the side of you is still there and doesn’t go away because of blinders. You should seek a way to look forward to completing what is in front of you regardless of whats around you that way no matter if the blinders fall off our you turn your head to the side you dont give distractions to much attention,,, YOU CAN DO THIS!!

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