Going Green

I’ve never really had any major skin problems. Even now, I have occasional breakouts, but that’s because on the rare occasions that I wear makeup, I don’t always wash my face before I go to bed. For the past two months, I’ve been working a gig that requires me to wear LOTS of makeup. I’ve been very diligent about washing it off at night b/c it’s not the type of makeup I’d be okay with falling asleep in.

Haunted House

Since working this gig, I’ve noticed way more breakouts than usual and my skin is extremely dry. I recently started a new skin care line, so hopefully that’ll help.

But even more important than what I put on my skin, is what I’m putting in my body. So, in addition to trying a new cleansing/exfoliating/moisturizing routine, I’ve also been drinking more water and TRYING to be more conscious about what I eat (it’s a struggle b/c I LOVE sweets and pizza).

People have been all “team green smoothie” for a while and I contemplated joining the bandwagon, but was largely unmotivated until I found this website. The recipes look and sound so good (and easy) that I was excited to try some of them out. So I took a trip to the farmer’s market and stocked up.

So far, I’ve tried two of the recipes and they were both very good. I’ve definitely got to invest in a better blender because my smoothies weren’t quite as smooth as I would’ve liked but the flavor (and I’m assuming the nutrition as well) was definitely there.

cranberry cleanser green smoothie

I’m looking forward to seeing how this will affect the way I look and feel. Next step…CONSISTENT exercise.  *cue scary music sting*


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