Pizza Face Compilation (Part 1)

I love pizza. I could probably eat it everyday–I won’t…but I could. I initially had my pizza reviews on a separate page, but I thought I’d just compile it all here.  Here’s the key I use to rate the pizza:



So, without further ado, Let’s dish:

1. Papa John’s Cheeseburger Pizza

Papa Johns PJ Double Cheeseburger

I’ve had this pizza twice. The first time, after seeing a commercial for it, I ordered immediately and devoured the entire pizza upon its arrival (and just in case you’re wondering, I ordered a small personal size). I thought it was absolutely amazing. Fast forward to the second occurrence…I thought it was awful. I ate it because, well, I paid for it and I was hungry, but it was not appetizing at all. And then I thought back to the first time I had tried the pizza, and I realized I may have in fact been menstruating, thus justifying the urgency with which I ordered the pizza after viewing a suggestive commercial and the subsequent gorge. Third time’s a charm, perhaps? I don’t think I want to find out. But feel free to try it for yourself, if you so desire.


Price: $$ (b/c of delivery fees)

Taste: GAG

Recommendation: RED

2. Soulshine Pizza Factory, 1907 Division Street, Nashville, TN

Visited: March 2014

Soulshine Soulshine2

When I polled my fellow Nashvillians, Soulshine proved to be the most recommended pizza place, so I figured that meant it was worth a try, right?

Once I settled into my metal chair on the covered patio of the second floor, just a few feet from a stage (that would later become filled with musicians belting out tunes such as “Walk the Dog” and “Ms. Mary Mack”), I ordered the Santa Fe, which consisted of “Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, black beans, jalapeños, sautéed bell peppers, sautéed onions, cheddar cheese, topped with Southwestern spices”. Although my fellow diners were turned off by the smell of it, I must say that it tasted great. There was a very nice blend of flavors with just the right amount of kick from the jalapeños. They were very generous with the toppings, and even though I ordered a small (8-inch), it was very filling. The crust was somewhat thick with a slight crunch, yet unimpressive—the pizza here is all about what goes on it; I could leave the crust behind.

I tasted some of my friends’ dishes, all of which were equally tasty. My boyfriend ordered the 12-inch CCR (Chicken club with ranch-Mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, ham, breakfast bacon, chopped tomatoes, topped with cheddar), which arrived with a thinner (still unimpressive) crust. But once again, the pizza itself didn’t disappoint. As with the Santa Fe, the CCR was also flavorful with plenty of toppings.

We had a large party and our service was disappointing, and there were some bill discrepancies days after dining, but I would definitely go again for the food alone (just not with a large party).

(P.S. I know we’re talking pizza here, but the bread pudding will give you the biggest food-gasm ever!)


Price: $$

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN

3. Manny’s House of Pizza, 15 Arcade Alley, Nashville, TN

Visited: April, May, June, July 2014… (if you can’t tell, I visit this place A LOT! Ever since I found it, I’ve been going AT LEAST once a month!)

Manny's House of Pizza Manny's House of Pizza2


(Manny’s) House of Pizza is nestled inside of “The Arcade” in downtown Nashville, and often has patrons waiting in a line that trails outside of its door. The slices are huge, with a large helping of toppings and are garnished with a couple strings of mozzarella & a dash of oregano, and they are popped into the oven as soon as you place your order. The result is a deliciously-gooey New York style slice of “pie” with a perfectly crispy (not TOO crispy) crust, and dripping with just the right amount of grease 🙂 . I was satiated after two slices. With the satisfying taste and a price point of $2.35 per slice, there’s no wonder the line is always out the door!


Price: $

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN

4. Michaelangelo’s, 493 Old Hickory Blvd, Brentwood, TN

visited: April 2014


We all strive to make our first impression a great one. Michaelangelo’s definitely made a great first impression for me. My large pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, spinach and garlic arrived when promised, and the delivery driver came equipped with a mobile card reader (so I didn’t have to provide my card number over the phone). I was already impressed by the service, but when I took my first bite into that pizza, I was thoroughly impressed. I’m hesitant to call something the best when I haven’t had all there is to try, however, Michaelangelo’s was the best pizza I’ve had thus far. Very cheesy, flavorful yet light sauce, fluffy-buttery crust, great balance of toppings (not too much, not too little).


Price: $$

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN


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