Pizza Face-Bellagio

My coworkers have been raving about Bellagio, so I decided to try it (besides, when have I been known to turn down pizza?!).

Bellagio Pizza & Subs, 114-B 29th Ave North, Nashville, TN

Visited: November 2014


The cheese and the crust stand out on this pizza. The cheese is bubbly and the crust is buttery and fluffy. The sauce and toppings fade into the background; don’t get me wrong, the toppings were good, but they just weren’t as prominent as the crust and cheese. There’s not much else to say about this pizza–it’s simple and tasty, and I’d venture to order it again the next time I’m yearning for delivery pizza near work.


Price: $$ (the delivery fees add up, but they have some good lunch combo deals)

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN


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