Holiday Film Favorites

These are a few of my personal holiday film favorites.

Home Alone

  1. Home Alone: This was one of my favorites as a kid and it remains as one of my faves in adulthood. This is definitely a classic. Scored by the iconic John Williams, the music in this film is extremely memorable.

  1. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York: I’m usually not a fan of sequels, but this one is an exception. It remains true to Kevin and the antics that we loved in the first film. John Williams also returned to score this film as well.
  1. Last Holiday: When Georgia (Queen Latifah) is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she embarks on a journey to live her last days to the fullest. (P.S. Don’t wait until something happens to start living your life; live it to the fullest now with no regrets!)
  1. Elf: Will Ferrell is hilarious in this story of an elf who discovers he is actually a human, and thus embarks on journey from the North Pole (where he has been raised) to New York, to reunite with his birth father who never knew he existed. I enjoy the childlike innocence of Ferrell’s character and his huge capacity for love.
  1. This Christmas: Gotta love a good family film, filled with the requisite sibling rivalry, family secret reveals, and eye candy, with equal moments of drama, hilarity, and warm fuzziness.

What are some of your favorite holiday movies? Share in the comments below.


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