Pizza Face-Happy Hour Edition


MAFIAoZA’s, 2400 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN

2-for-1 has never been better than it is at MAFIAoZA’s happy hour. I’m not sure if I was excited because the pizza itself was that good or because of the deal—I take that back; it was definitely because of the deal.

The restaurant itself is charming, carrying on the mafia/mob boss theme, with menu items such as “The Tony”, “The Mark”, “Brass Knuckles”, “The Informant”, and “The Last Request”.

The pizza was greasy and flimsy. To eat it, you have to either fold it in half (NY style), or cut it with a knife and fork. The sauce is minimal to nonexistent, and the final bite is crisp—almost burnt. One slice is actually the equivalent of two. During happy hour, if you order one slice, you get two, which is almost like getting four slices for the price of one! #winning

Let’s raise our beer-filled mason jars and toast to MAFIAoZA’s happy hour!


Price: $

Taste: OKAY

Recommendation: YELLOW


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