Pizza Face-Girl’s Night Edition

Desano Pizza Bakery 

115 16th Avenue South, Nashville, TN

visited: Jan. 2015


Its menu lists Desano as “Home of the World Famous San Gennaro”, but it’s more like home of the buffalo mozzarella, which is dolloped on almost every pizza. Its addition is a great one; it tastes so fresh, I jokingly stated, “There must be a cow named Ella Mae out back, working around the clock.” I mean, seriously, how else could they produce this fresh goodness? Our server assured us that there was no cow out back, but they did in fact make all their ingredients fresh everyday.

This was a great spot for a girls’ night–you can bring your own bottle(s) of wine (and we did, indeed)! Whoo hoo!

desano  desano group therapy

We tried three pizzas:

1. San Gennaro: Of course we had to try the world famous San Gennaro! The sweet and spicy flavor of the peppadew on this pizza was the icing on the cake—errr—I mean, the pepper on the pizza! The peppadew looks like a grape tomato, but it’s actually a pepper that was apparently found in Africa (as our server told us). This was the favorite among the group.

2. Lasagna: This pizza was like eating lasagna with your hands! Delightful!

Lasagna Pizza
Lasagna Pizza

3. Desano: Although this pizza was tasty, it was definitely overshadowed by everything else we tasted. It was easily forgettable. Not bad, just unimpressive compared to the other two.

Okay, technically, we tried four pizzas, but the fourth was actually a dessert pizza, called The Nutella.

desano nutella

The Nutella was absolutely delicious and it was light and airy, so there was no gluttonous, over-stuffed feeling. It actually tasted like Ferrero Rocher, if you’ve ever had one of those.


Price: $$

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN


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