Pizza Face-Five Points

Five Points Pizza, 1012 Woodland St, Nashville, TN

(Visited Feb. 2017)

I’ve been to Five Points Pizza a few times before and I’ve loved it every time. I wandered into Five Points last week (after I had ordered Papa John’s the night before at midnight, then got a call from the delivery guy at 2am asking if I still wanted my pizza that had yet to be delivered…uh, well, I guess not…). One of the things I love about Five Points is that they have a different specialty slice that changes every day (one veggie special & 1 meat special). I opted to try a slice of each of their specialties for that day.

The meat special for the day was the Meatball Pie, consisting of thin sliced meatballs, red onion and garlic. I added shredded basil because, why not? This combination was absolutely delicious! The Meatball Pie is actually offered as a whole pizza on the menu, and I was informed that it is offered by the slice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as well. FTW!!!!


The veggie special for the day was a slice consisting of tomato, spinach, mushroom and a balsamic glaze. The balsamic glaze saved this pizza; without it, this slice fell flat. In hindsight, I probably should’ve added some basil to this one too. That may have punched it up a notch.


Shout out to Cody (the bartender/server/my lighting guy for this shot–LOL). He was great!


The Verdict:

Price: $ (weekday lunch special gets you either 2 slices & a drink OR 1 slice, salad & a drink for under $10)


Taste: YUMMY(yummy in my tummy)


Recommendation: GREEN (definitely must try)


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