Pizza Face-Five Points

Five Points Pizza, 1012 Woodland St, Nashville, TN

(Visited Feb. 2017)

I’ve been to Five Points Pizza a few times before and I’ve loved it every time. I wandered into Five Points last week (after I had ordered Papa John’s the night before at midnight, then got a call from the delivery guy at 2am asking if I still wanted my pizza that had yet to be delivered…uh, well, I guess not…). One of the things I love about Five Points is that they have a different specialty slice that changes every day (one veggie special & 1 meat special). I opted to try a slice of each of their specialties for that day.

The meat special for the day was the Meatball Pie, consisting of thin sliced meatballs, red onion and garlic. I added shredded basil because, why not? This combination was absolutely delicious! The Meatball Pie is actually offered as a whole pizza on the menu, and I was informed that it is offered by the slice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as well. FTW!!!!


The veggie special for the day was a slice consisting of tomato, spinach, mushroom and a balsamic glaze. The balsamic glaze saved this pizza; without it, this slice fell flat. In hindsight, I probably should’ve added some basil to this one too. That may have punched it up a notch.


Shout out to Cody (the bartender/server/my lighting guy for this shot–LOL). He was great!


The Verdict:

Price: $ (weekday lunch special gets you either 2 slices & a drink OR 1 slice, salad & a drink for under $10)


Taste: YUMMY(yummy in my tummy)


Recommendation: GREEN (definitely must try)


Pizza Face: Slice-Atlanta, GA

(visited: April 2016)

Well hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a pizza face review (or anything at all for that matter lol). I recently traveled to Atlanta and found myself at a pizza place trying something interesting on their menu, so I figured why not resurrect pizza face?! So here goes…

Note: There are two Slice locations in Atlanta. This review refers to the Poplar St. location.

I stumbled upon Slice while wandering around after an unexpectedly short audition left me with an hour of time on my parking meter.

Located in the midst of Georgia State University’s campus, Slice is just a short walk away from Centennial Olympic Park and the SkyView Ferris Wheel. It’s fairly inconspicuous but for the bright orange chairs outside screaming “Hey! Look over here!” Admittedly, without those chairs I would’ve probably kept walking and Slice’s existence would have remained unknown to me. But I was drawn in and ended up perusing the menu that was posted in the window for passersby.

The menu contained the usual suspects…supreme, margherita, etc., but then….LOADED BAKED POTATO? Yes, that’s right. A loaded baked potato pizza. I was skeptical, but intrigued enough to give it a shot.

My slice arrived with a very thin layer of marinara sauce (enough to remind me that this was in fact a pizza, yet not so much as to clash with the fact that this was also a loaded baked potato, to my taste buds at least), potato slices, onions, huge crisp bacon strips and cheddar cheese, along with a side of sour cream.

IMAG0565Well…the sour cream was probably the most exciting thing about this dish. Granted, it wasn’t just “a dollop of Daisy”; it was seasoned with oregano and possibly a squeeze of lime. The pizza itself wasn’t bad, but it was nothing to call home about either.

The good points:

-the size of the slice (good “bang for your buck”)

-crisp buttery crust

-bacon (not fatty/wimpy) I don’t like chewy bacon


The Verdict:

Price: $

Taste: OKAY (Eh, it’s okay)

Recommendation: YELLOW (Worth a try)







Aw Shucks! Today is my last day on the (modified) Green Smoothie Cleanse. I have spent the last 10 days drinking 2 green smoothies a day (one for breakfast, one for lunch) and a salad for dinner. Snacking in between meals has consisted of fruits and veggies (celery, apples, carrots, cucumbers) and for my protein fix, hard boiled eggs and natural unsweetened peanut butter (on my celery). I have been drinking nothing but water all day, with the exception of a cup of detox tea in the mornings.

For 10 days, I have not had sweets, bread, pasta, rice, meat (I take that back—the last 2 days I added lean chicken to my dinner salads), dairy, fries, pizza…basically all the things I usually eat on a regular basis. Needless to say, this was DIFFICULT! Especially for me, the person who has something sweet to eat EVERYDAY! The person who thinks pizza should be added as a level on the food pyramid.

Although I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some pizza, this cleanse has made me become aware of the health choices that I make on a daily basis. It has made me aware of my daily temptations and cravings. It has made me focus on distinguishing between wants vs. needs. It has defined discipline for me. It has made me proud of myself. It has made me believe in myself.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of my honeybun (lol) and my sister, as well as prayer and positive self-talk.

Moving forward, I’m still gonna eat my pizza, but maybe not as much as I normally do. I know there are better choices out there, I just always made excuses as to why I wasn’t choosing those better choices. Instead of believing that I HAVE to have something sweet, I know that that’s a choice, and I don’t HAVE to have it; I can choose something else, and still feel just as fulfilled.

Cheers to a healthier life!

green smoothie cleanse

Pizza Face-Girl’s Night Edition

Desano Pizza Bakery 

115 16th Avenue South, Nashville, TN

visited: Jan. 2015


Its menu lists Desano as “Home of the World Famous San Gennaro”, but it’s more like home of the buffalo mozzarella, which is dolloped on almost every pizza. Its addition is a great one; it tastes so fresh, I jokingly stated, “There must be a cow named Ella Mae out back, working around the clock.” I mean, seriously, how else could they produce this fresh goodness? Our server assured us that there was no cow out back, but they did in fact make all their ingredients fresh everyday.

This was a great spot for a girls’ night–you can bring your own bottle(s) of wine (and we did, indeed)! Whoo hoo!

desano  desano group therapy

We tried three pizzas:

1. San Gennaro: Of course we had to try the world famous San Gennaro! The sweet and spicy flavor of the peppadew on this pizza was the icing on the cake—errr—I mean, the pepper on the pizza! The peppadew looks like a grape tomato, but it’s actually a pepper that was apparently found in Africa (as our server told us). This was the favorite among the group.

2. Lasagna: This pizza was like eating lasagna with your hands! Delightful!

Lasagna Pizza
Lasagna Pizza

3. Desano: Although this pizza was tasty, it was definitely overshadowed by everything else we tasted. It was easily forgettable. Not bad, just unimpressive compared to the other two.

Okay, technically, we tried four pizzas, but the fourth was actually a dessert pizza, called The Nutella.

desano nutella

The Nutella was absolutely delicious and it was light and airy, so there was no gluttonous, over-stuffed feeling. It actually tasted like Ferrero Rocher, if you’ve ever had one of those.


Price: $$

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN

Pizza Face-Happy Hour Edition


MAFIAoZA’s, 2400 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN

2-for-1 has never been better than it is at MAFIAoZA’s happy hour. I’m not sure if I was excited because the pizza itself was that good or because of the deal—I take that back; it was definitely because of the deal.

The restaurant itself is charming, carrying on the mafia/mob boss theme, with menu items such as “The Tony”, “The Mark”, “Brass Knuckles”, “The Informant”, and “The Last Request”.

The pizza was greasy and flimsy. To eat it, you have to either fold it in half (NY style), or cut it with a knife and fork. The sauce is minimal to nonexistent, and the final bite is crisp—almost burnt. One slice is actually the equivalent of two. During happy hour, if you order one slice, you get two, which is almost like getting four slices for the price of one! #winning

Let’s raise our beer-filled mason jars and toast to MAFIAoZA’s happy hour!


Price: $

Taste: OKAY

Recommendation: YELLOW

Pizza Face-Bellagio

My coworkers have been raving about Bellagio, so I decided to try it (besides, when have I been known to turn down pizza?!).

Bellagio Pizza & Subs, 114-B 29th Ave North, Nashville, TN

Visited: November 2014


The cheese and the crust stand out on this pizza. The cheese is bubbly and the crust is buttery and fluffy. The sauce and toppings fade into the background; don’t get me wrong, the toppings were good, but they just weren’t as prominent as the crust and cheese. There’s not much else to say about this pizza–it’s simple and tasty, and I’d venture to order it again the next time I’m yearning for delivery pizza near work.


Price: $$ (the delivery fees add up, but they have some good lunch combo deals)

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN

Pizza Face-Beach Edition

Latrisha at Orange Beach

I spent Thanksgiving on the beach—Orange Beach, Alabama to be exact—and as with any and every Thanksgiving, I participated in the requisite gorging all week long. Of course on Thanksgiving Day, I had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (turkey and dressing, greens, sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, etc.), but the rest of the week, since we were in the gulf, I was stuffing my face with seafood, seafood and more seafood. Even so, I found an opportunity to eat none other than….pizza!!!

Cobalt Restaurant, 28099 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL

Visited: November 2014


The atmosphere of Cobalt was absolutely amazing, from the time you walk in the door (shallow fish pond complete with a stingray) to the time you are seated (with a waterfront view) to the time you excuse yourself for a bathroom break (and wash your hands with a pleasantly scented sea salt scrub).

cobalt sea salt scrub

It was a beautiful and spacious venue. As if that wasn’t enough, the food was great with an inexpensive price-point, which made for an all-around wonderful experience.

Even though I had my heart set on pizza, I ventured to try a variety of oysters (baked, fried and raw) as an appetizer. They were huge—a great “bang for your buck”—and very appetizing.

cobalt oysters
Plate 1: Baked Oysters Combo (garlic parmesan, crab & shrimp au gratin, and “The Rockefeller”-spinach, shallots, parsley, anchovies); Plate 2: Raw Oysters; Plate 3: Fried Oysters

Now, on to the pizza…

cobalt pizza

It looked great, but there was nothing special about it. The portion size was perfect and the flavors on the pizza (chicken, bacon, mushrooms, spinach, basil) blended well, but it didn’t make me dance in my seat. Granted, this particular restaurant is known for its seafood, so I should have known better—that’s like ordering a hamburger or hot dog at a Mexican restaurant. In hindsight, if I was going to order pizza at a seafood restaurant, I should’ve at least tried their seafood pizza, but oh well.

The restaurant itself is a must try if you ever find yourself in Orange Beach, just make sure you stick with their specialties. If you want pizza in Orange Beach, stick to a chain—like Pizza Hut or Papa Johns.


Price: $

Taste: YUMMY  <–everything elseOKAY<–pizza

Recommendation: GREEN


1. Crab Trap, 16495 Perdido Key Dr, Pensacola, FL

Great crab cakes!

crab trap

2. The Original Oyster House, 701 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL

oyster house

Best hushpuppies I’ve ever had; Seriously!

We were too full to try any oysters here, but everything else was delicious.

shrimp florentine
Shrimp Florentine
crab stuffed flounder
Crab-Stuffed Flounder

Pizza Face Compilation (Part 2)

And the dishing continues…



5. Taste of Italy, 208 4th Ave North, Nashville, TN

Visited: March 2014

Taste of Italy

I’ve ordered food from Taste of Italy on numerous occasions, but (for no reason in particular) I had never ordered their pizza. I was pleased with their other dishes (sub sandwiches and calzones); they were so generous with their portions that I always had food left over for the next day—and was actually still interested in eating it the next day. With this is mind, I figured why not try the pizza? I ordered the BBQ Chicken pizza, which came with (BBQ sauce and chicken, of course) red onions and bacon. The sauce wasn’t as sweet as I would’ve liked—it was more tangy than sweet, and the pizza was a tad bit soggy, but once you get past all of that, you can find some flavors that you’ll be satisfied with. It was good, but not good enough that I would order it again. However, I might try their other pizza combinations.


Price: $$

Taste: OKAY

Recommendation: YELLOW

6. Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, 1747 India Street, San Diego, CA

Visited: April 2014

filippis filippis2

Want a little pizza with your cheese? Well, this is the place that spares no mozzarella! Upon entering the Filippi’s in San Diego’s Little Italy, you are hit in the face with the smell of a produce section at your local market. Shimmy your way past the long line of people to the back of the store, where the smell changes to what I imagine Italy smells like. The pizza is thick and doughy and if you didn’t catch it before, there’s cheese, cheese, cheese galore. I’ve never been to Italy before, but this is probably what pizza tastes like there. (Guess I’ll have to make a trip to confirm this 🙂  )  This is the real deal! My Americanized taste buds were thrown for a loop when indulging in Filippi’s. It was not what I was expecting–but in a good way. Filippi’s must be doing something right because they have 14 locations in Cali!


Price: $$

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN

7. Five 50, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV (inside Aria Resort & Casino)

Visited: December 2013

photo credit: Aria Resort & Casino

This place gets its name for the temperature at which the pizza is cooked. You can dine in, but we opted for the slice bar. They have some pretty unique pairings if you dine in, but the slice bar is just as good. The slices are huge and crispy, and good for soaking up the amount of liquor that is sure to accompany any Vegas vacation. The service could’ve been better–I felt rushed, and we were the only people in line.


Price: $$ (pretty standard in Vegas)

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN

8. “Secret Pizza” 3708 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV (inside The Cosmopolitan)

Visited: December 2013

I call this place “Secret Pizza” because I don’t actually know the name of the place, plus it’s tucked away so much that you wouldn’t know it was there, unless you knew it was there. Even the hotel’s website doesn’t list it anywhere. Well, the secret is out! The inconspicuous location doesn’t hinder the business, because once you’ve tasted it, you would gladly venture to hunt it down again just to get another slice (and another, and another…). I’m not gonna lie; I was inebriated when I had this pizza and all I remember about it was that it was REALLY good. LOL And everyone that I was with agreed (but then again, they were all drunk too).


Price: $

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN

Pizza Face Compilation (Part 1)

I love pizza. I could probably eat it everyday–I won’t…but I could. I initially had my pizza reviews on a separate page, but I thought I’d just compile it all here.  Here’s the key I use to rate the pizza:



So, without further ado, Let’s dish:

1. Papa John’s Cheeseburger Pizza

Papa Johns PJ Double Cheeseburger

I’ve had this pizza twice. The first time, after seeing a commercial for it, I ordered immediately and devoured the entire pizza upon its arrival (and just in case you’re wondering, I ordered a small personal size). I thought it was absolutely amazing. Fast forward to the second occurrence…I thought it was awful. I ate it because, well, I paid for it and I was hungry, but it was not appetizing at all. And then I thought back to the first time I had tried the pizza, and I realized I may have in fact been menstruating, thus justifying the urgency with which I ordered the pizza after viewing a suggestive commercial and the subsequent gorge. Third time’s a charm, perhaps? I don’t think I want to find out. But feel free to try it for yourself, if you so desire.


Price: $$ (b/c of delivery fees)

Taste: GAG

Recommendation: RED

2. Soulshine Pizza Factory, 1907 Division Street, Nashville, TN

Visited: March 2014

Soulshine Soulshine2

When I polled my fellow Nashvillians, Soulshine proved to be the most recommended pizza place, so I figured that meant it was worth a try, right?

Once I settled into my metal chair on the covered patio of the second floor, just a few feet from a stage (that would later become filled with musicians belting out tunes such as “Walk the Dog” and “Ms. Mary Mack”), I ordered the Santa Fe, which consisted of “Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, black beans, jalapeños, sautéed bell peppers, sautéed onions, cheddar cheese, topped with Southwestern spices”. Although my fellow diners were turned off by the smell of it, I must say that it tasted great. There was a very nice blend of flavors with just the right amount of kick from the jalapeños. They were very generous with the toppings, and even though I ordered a small (8-inch), it was very filling. The crust was somewhat thick with a slight crunch, yet unimpressive—the pizza here is all about what goes on it; I could leave the crust behind.

I tasted some of my friends’ dishes, all of which were equally tasty. My boyfriend ordered the 12-inch CCR (Chicken club with ranch-Mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, ham, breakfast bacon, chopped tomatoes, topped with cheddar), which arrived with a thinner (still unimpressive) crust. But once again, the pizza itself didn’t disappoint. As with the Santa Fe, the CCR was also flavorful with plenty of toppings.

We had a large party and our service was disappointing, and there were some bill discrepancies days after dining, but I would definitely go again for the food alone (just not with a large party).

(P.S. I know we’re talking pizza here, but the bread pudding will give you the biggest food-gasm ever!)


Price: $$

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN

3. Manny’s House of Pizza, 15 Arcade Alley, Nashville, TN

Visited: April, May, June, July 2014… (if you can’t tell, I visit this place A LOT! Ever since I found it, I’ve been going AT LEAST once a month!)

Manny's House of Pizza Manny's House of Pizza2


(Manny’s) House of Pizza is nestled inside of “The Arcade” in downtown Nashville, and often has patrons waiting in a line that trails outside of its door. The slices are huge, with a large helping of toppings and are garnished with a couple strings of mozzarella & a dash of oregano, and they are popped into the oven as soon as you place your order. The result is a deliciously-gooey New York style slice of “pie” with a perfectly crispy (not TOO crispy) crust, and dripping with just the right amount of grease 🙂 . I was satiated after two slices. With the satisfying taste and a price point of $2.35 per slice, there’s no wonder the line is always out the door!


Price: $

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN

4. Michaelangelo’s, 493 Old Hickory Blvd, Brentwood, TN

visited: April 2014


We all strive to make our first impression a great one. Michaelangelo’s definitely made a great first impression for me. My large pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, spinach and garlic arrived when promised, and the delivery driver came equipped with a mobile card reader (so I didn’t have to provide my card number over the phone). I was already impressed by the service, but when I took my first bite into that pizza, I was thoroughly impressed. I’m hesitant to call something the best when I haven’t had all there is to try, however, Michaelangelo’s was the best pizza I’ve had thus far. Very cheesy, flavorful yet light sauce, fluffy-buttery crust, great balance of toppings (not too much, not too little).


Price: $$

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN