Come Chat with Me

Last Monday we aired the season finale of Monologue Monday (if you missed it, check it out below).


Today, in lieu of a monologue, I’ll be hosting a live Facebook chat to discuss the future of Monologue Monday and answer YOUR questions about the series. Come join me! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the series, what you’d like to see next, and any questions you were wondering about the series.


Head on over to my Facebook page (Latrisha Talley) as I go LIVE….TONIGHT!



‘Tis the Season

Happy Holidays!!! In the spirit of the holiday season, Monologue Monday presents it’s Christmas episode, featuring a monologue from the classic holiday film, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This is our 21st episode; let the countdown begin! Only 5 more episodes left until the end of Season 1 of Monologue Monday. Time really does fly when you’re having fun and pursuing your passion.

I wish you all a safe, fun, warm and Merry Christmas!


Monologue Monday

Hey y’all!! Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. But to catch you up, in the past few months, I’ve quit my 9-5 (aw shucks!!!) and am acting full time. Last month,  I launched my new web series, Monologue Monday ( Monologue Monday is a weekly web series featuring tips about the entertainment industry, and a monologue performance (by yours truly). New episodes are released EVERY MONDAY!!! Episode 7 was released today. Check it out below, and subscribe to the series, to stay updated when new episodes are posted.


Hurry Up and Wait

I spent the entire weekend auditioning. Literally, I went to at least 10 auditions in a matter of 2 days. As exhausting as it was, it was also great to be actively doing something to further my dreams. There were times when I tried to talk myself out of it; while waiting at least an hour to even get inside one of the audition rooms, I thought to myself, “Well, I’ve already been to x amount of auditions today. That should be enough; I really don’t need to go to this one. Besides, I’m tired and hungry.”  But then that thought was combatted by another, “But this is good practice. You might as well wait. This is an opportunity. Don’t waste it. You don’t have anything else to do anyway. You can wait.”

Audition Day 1
Audition Day 2

I watched as other actors and actresses crossed their names off the list and left, obviously tired of waiting themselves. But I stayed put, and I’m glad I did. I waited an hour and a half to be seen for maybe 10 minutes, and at this point, my mind is a blur of audition rooms and directors, so I’m not even sure how I did in the audition. But again, I’m glad I waited. This was an opportunity. Even if I don’t get any callbacks—which, of course, I hope that I DO, but if I don’t—I’m glad I took the time to practice my craft. I needed the practice of being in front of strangers, reading a side that I had never seen before and putting my whole self into it. Some of the auditions I know I tanked; others, I’m very hopeful about.

All in all, it was fun and (again) great practice, and I’m glad I stuck with it. Now, the callback waiting game…


Hey Rejection…Take THAT!!!

A while ago, I posted some tips on how to deal with rejection. That post was spawned out of my recent rejection from an audition. READ THE FULL POST HERE.

One of the final tips I gave for rejection was to keep trying. My dad, a retired musician (and I say “retired” lightly b/c he’s hardly retired–the man never stops!! LOL), has auditioned for quite a few things. Some he’s booked on the first try and the ones that he didn’t book, he keeps trying for. He keeps going and going.

Well, I kept trying and boo yow!

boo yow

I am now a part of:



Don’t be discouraged by a “no”. Just keep trying. Never give up. Get that “yes”.

Dealing with Rejection



Rejection is a part of life. No matter what trade you work in or where you are in your walk of life, you are bound to face rejection eventually.  As an actress and writer, I know rejection. As a matter of fact, I recently (keep in mind this is a late post, so when I say “recently”, I really mean “a while ago” LOL)  auditioned for a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Company and I got rejected.





So what is one to do when faced with this not-so-nice part of life? Run for the hills, hide under a cozy blanket and vow to never leave the comfort of your worn-in couch and Netflix, or face it head-on with a positive attitude? Uh, duh! The latter of course. And here’s how:


1. Get over yourself.

When you have been rejected, it’s easy to begin the pity-party that leads you spiraling into a seemingly endless hole of self-doubt, asking questions like, “What did I do wrong?” “Am I too [this]?” “Am I not enough [that]?” Just stop it. Those types of questions will drive you crazy. Instead, try to be objective. Encourage yourself. What are you proud of yourself for?


2. Ask for constructive criticism, if available.

Sometimes this opportunity won’t be available to you, but if it is, definitely take advantage of it. Ask what you can do to improve in the future. Ask what you did “right”.


3. Practice gratitude.

Pat yourself on the back for even taking the risk of putting yourself out there in the first place. You are that much closer to a “yes”. Be grateful for the opportunity to interact with new people and to try something new, even if the outcome wasn’t what you expected or hoped. Everything happens for a reason.


4. Keep trying.

Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. Even if you have to apply for the same job or audition for the same role multiple times, keep at it.



How do YOU deal with rejection? What has been your experience with rejection? Share in the comments!