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Hey y’all!! Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. But to catch you up, in the past few months, I’ve quit my 9-5 (aw shucks!!!) and am acting full time. Last month,  I launched my new web series, Monologue Monday ( Monologue Monday is a weekly web series featuring tips about the entertainment industry, and a monologue performance (by yours truly). New episodes are released EVERY MONDAY!!! Episode 7 was released today. Check it out below, and subscribe to the series, to stay updated when new episodes are posted.



Pizza Face: Slice-Atlanta, GA

(visited: April 2016)

Well hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a pizza face review (or anything at all for that matter lol). I recently traveled to Atlanta and found myself at a pizza place trying something interesting on their menu, so I figured why not resurrect pizza face?! So here goes…

Note: There are two Slice locations in Atlanta. This review refers to the Poplar St. location.

I stumbled upon Slice while wandering around after an unexpectedly short audition left me with an hour of time on my parking meter.

Located in the midst of Georgia State University’s campus, Slice is just a short walk away from Centennial Olympic Park and the SkyView Ferris Wheel. It’s fairly inconspicuous but for the bright orange chairs outside screaming “Hey! Look over here!” Admittedly, without those chairs I would’ve probably kept walking and Slice’s existence would have remained unknown to me. But I was drawn in and ended up perusing the menu that was posted in the window for passersby.

The menu contained the usual suspects…supreme, margherita, etc., but then….LOADED BAKED POTATO? Yes, that’s right. A loaded baked potato pizza. I was skeptical, but intrigued enough to give it a shot.

My slice arrived with a very thin layer of marinara sauce (enough to remind me that this was in fact a pizza, yet not so much as to clash with the fact that this was also a loaded baked potato, to my taste buds at least), potato slices, onions, huge crisp bacon strips and cheddar cheese, along with a side of sour cream.

IMAG0565Well…the sour cream was probably the most exciting thing about this dish. Granted, it wasn’t just “a dollop of Daisy”; it was seasoned with oregano and possibly a squeeze of lime. The pizza itself wasn’t bad, but it was nothing to call home about either.

The good points:

-the size of the slice (good “bang for your buck”)

-crisp buttery crust

-bacon (not fatty/wimpy) I don’t like chewy bacon


The Verdict:

Price: $

Taste: OKAY (Eh, it’s okay)

Recommendation: YELLOW (Worth a try)






too old/waited too late

not talented enough/not enough skill/training

too lazy

too big/curvy/out of shape

bad at networking

too quiet

too boring

just another pretty face

not enough money

paralyzed by fear



Aw Shucks! Today is my last day on the (modified) Green Smoothie Cleanse. I have spent the last 10 days drinking 2 green smoothies a day (one for breakfast, one for lunch) and a salad for dinner. Snacking in between meals has consisted of fruits and veggies (celery, apples, carrots, cucumbers) and for my protein fix, hard boiled eggs and natural unsweetened peanut butter (on my celery). I have been drinking nothing but water all day, with the exception of a cup of detox tea in the mornings.

For 10 days, I have not had sweets, bread, pasta, rice, meat (I take that back—the last 2 days I added lean chicken to my dinner salads), dairy, fries, pizza…basically all the things I usually eat on a regular basis. Needless to say, this was DIFFICULT! Especially for me, the person who has something sweet to eat EVERYDAY! The person who thinks pizza should be added as a level on the food pyramid.

Although I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some pizza, this cleanse has made me become aware of the health choices that I make on a daily basis. It has made me aware of my daily temptations and cravings. It has made me focus on distinguishing between wants vs. needs. It has defined discipline for me. It has made me proud of myself. It has made me believe in myself.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of my honeybun (lol) and my sister, as well as prayer and positive self-talk.

Moving forward, I’m still gonna eat my pizza, but maybe not as much as I normally do. I know there are better choices out there, I just always made excuses as to why I wasn’t choosing those better choices. Instead of believing that I HAVE to have something sweet, I know that that’s a choice, and I don’t HAVE to have it; I can choose something else, and still feel just as fulfilled.

Cheers to a healthier life!

green smoothie cleanse

Hurry Up and Wait

I spent the entire weekend auditioning. Literally, I went to at least 10 auditions in a matter of 2 days. As exhausting as it was, it was also great to be actively doing something to further my dreams. There were times when I tried to talk myself out of it; while waiting at least an hour to even get inside one of the audition rooms, I thought to myself, “Well, I’ve already been to x amount of auditions today. That should be enough; I really don’t need to go to this one. Besides, I’m tired and hungry.”  But then that thought was combatted by another, “But this is good practice. You might as well wait. This is an opportunity. Don’t waste it. You don’t have anything else to do anyway. You can wait.”

Audition Day 1
Audition Day 2

I watched as other actors and actresses crossed their names off the list and left, obviously tired of waiting themselves. But I stayed put, and I’m glad I did. I waited an hour and a half to be seen for maybe 10 minutes, and at this point, my mind is a blur of audition rooms and directors, so I’m not even sure how I did in the audition. But again, I’m glad I waited. This was an opportunity. Even if I don’t get any callbacks—which, of course, I hope that I DO, but if I don’t—I’m glad I took the time to practice my craft. I needed the practice of being in front of strangers, reading a side that I had never seen before and putting my whole self into it. Some of the auditions I know I tanked; others, I’m very hopeful about.

All in all, it was fun and (again) great practice, and I’m glad I stuck with it. Now, the callback waiting game…


Nine to Five

“All these people on the planet working 9 to 5 just to stay alive…”


Although I’ve been working the “traditional 9-5” for 7 years, I still haven’t gotten used to it. It just doesn’t seem natural to me. I’ve always had gigs outside of the 9-5 and the work required of those gigs sometimes spills into my 9-5, causing me to slip out occasionally for lunch meetings, coffee breaks, “personal errands”, etc.  Thankfully, no matter what 9-5 I’ve had, it’s been flexible enough for me to “slip out” for a few, but after a while I start to feel bad for somewhat neglecting the 9-5.

Recently, as I slipped out, waiting at a coffee shop for a quick non 9-5 meeting, I noticed how comfortable I felt. Although I kept checking my watch to make sure I wasn’t gone too long, I liked the freedom of sitting in a coffee shop at 10am instead of behind a desk in a cubicle. As I waited for my latte and breakfast crepe, I observed the hushed conversations of who I imagined to be stay-at-home moms or college students. I scanned the quirky décor hanging above entrepreneurs tapping and clicking away on their laptops and smart phones.  I relaxed in my chair as I thought, “I could get used to this.”

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind going into the office every now and then; sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. But I would rather have the freedom to choose and come and go as I please instead of being required to be there during a daily specified time period. It becomes so mundane after a while. And sometimes I just want to sleep in. Sometimes I just want to do nothing. Sometimes I want to slink in around noon in jeans and a t-shirt.

My frustration with the 9-5 should serve as an agent for change, pushing me to focus on building opportunities for myself to earn income outside of it, so that I can eventually quit and work for myself. I feel that I’m getting closer, but I just have to push harder and continue to remind myself of what I want and what it will take to get it.

I admit that I can be lazy sometimes and settle for the ease of collecting a regularly-expected paycheck, but if I really want to work for myself (and be successful at it), I’ve got to do more. Work harder. Challenge myself. Sacrifice. Plan. Execute. Network.

I’m not getting any younger, after all.

Writer’s Spotlight Wednesday (WSW)-Donna L. Martin

Happy New Year!

I am pleased to reboot Writer’s Spotlight Wednesday (WSW), and the first WSW of the New Year features:

Donna L. Martin

Donna Martin

“I can’t imagine NOT writing!”

Q: What subject matter do you specialize in writing? Why do you write?

A: The various fiction genres I write in are picture books, early reader chapter books, and young adult novels. I have a number of completed picture books but I am currently shifting more toward writing creative nonfiction.

I suspect I write for the same reason any other serious writer does…it’s as vital to me as the air I breathe and I can’t imagine NOT writing!

Q: Tell me about your book and what inspired you to write it.

A: My debut picture book, THE STORY CATCHER, is about a little girl who comes from a family of readers, or story catchers as they like to call themselves. Addie tries to catch her first story but the wiggly words keep playing tricks on her. It takes a little faith and a nighttime ritual to help her become the next STORY CATCHER.

story catcher

Addie is dear to me. She represents any child with a learning disability or even just beginning to learn to read and struggling to untangle the words on the page. I am a READ TO ME approved volunteer, and I spent one year tutoring a young girl who really struggled to comprehend the words in the books she was read to by her family. By the end of the school year of us working together, she could finally read her first book all on her own.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of releasing your book, and how did you overcome that challenge?

A: Do you mean besides exercising tremendous patience while my book went through the long publishing/production process? The most challenging part is probably the extensive marketing aspect including expanding my author platform. I’ve done a lot of research this past year and I’m learning new things every day. I have created an extended promotional campaign to help get the word out about THE STORY CATCHER in the upcoming months ahead.

Q: What are you currently working on? Any other upcoming projects?

A: Earlier in 2014, I completed a creative nonfiction chapter book about a historic event involving chocolate, children, and an airborne train. It’s an unsolved mystery that really happened many years ago and I call it THE CHOCOLATE TRAIN WRECK. I will start subbing it out this month. I’ve also finished research on a Titanic angle never done for children before as well as starting to write first drafts from some of the many ideas I wrote down during Tara Lazar’s Picture Book Idea Month event last November.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given, and how have you applied that advice?

A: That’s a tricky question because I’ve tried to learn something from everyone I come in contact with in this industry, but maybe one of the best pieces of advice I was told early on was to have lots of patience and grow a thick skin when it comes to handling rejections. The publishing industry is very subjective so what one agent or editor is interested in today may change tomorrow depending on how they read the market trends. It is NOT the norm to go from receiving a manuscript request to signed publishing contract in six days like it happened to me and THE STORY CATCHER. Even after my book is about to have its official release day, I’m still receiving rejection notices for agent representation. I believe in my skills as a story teller so I don’t take it personally when one of my stories is rejected for some reason. With hard work I was lucky enough to get this far so I have no doubt the rest will come when the time is right.

* * * * *

If you would like to join Donna’s FREE STORY CATCHER FAN CLUB to receive a bi-monthly newsletter, a reading log with the chance to become an “official” story catcher, membership certificate, and story starring YOU, send an email request to: Include your name, age, and email address with your request.

Donna can also be found on the following social media sites:

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amazonAuthor Email:

Author Website:

* * * * *

Cheers to the journey to “catch” many stories in the New Year!

Happy New Year

Pizza Face-Girl’s Night Edition

Desano Pizza Bakery 

115 16th Avenue South, Nashville, TN

visited: Jan. 2015


Its menu lists Desano as “Home of the World Famous San Gennaro”, but it’s more like home of the buffalo mozzarella, which is dolloped on almost every pizza. Its addition is a great one; it tastes so fresh, I jokingly stated, “There must be a cow named Ella Mae out back, working around the clock.” I mean, seriously, how else could they produce this fresh goodness? Our server assured us that there was no cow out back, but they did in fact make all their ingredients fresh everyday.

This was a great spot for a girls’ night–you can bring your own bottle(s) of wine (and we did, indeed)! Whoo hoo!

desano  desano group therapy

We tried three pizzas:

1. San Gennaro: Of course we had to try the world famous San Gennaro! The sweet and spicy flavor of the peppadew on this pizza was the icing on the cake—errr—I mean, the pepper on the pizza! The peppadew looks like a grape tomato, but it’s actually a pepper that was apparently found in Africa (as our server told us). This was the favorite among the group.

2. Lasagna: This pizza was like eating lasagna with your hands! Delightful!

Lasagna Pizza
Lasagna Pizza

3. Desano: Although this pizza was tasty, it was definitely overshadowed by everything else we tasted. It was easily forgettable. Not bad, just unimpressive compared to the other two.

Okay, technically, we tried four pizzas, but the fourth was actually a dessert pizza, called The Nutella.

desano nutella

The Nutella was absolutely delicious and it was light and airy, so there was no gluttonous, over-stuffed feeling. It actually tasted like Ferrero Rocher, if you’ve ever had one of those.


Price: $$

Taste: YUMMY

Recommendation: GREEN